Keys to Building High-Functioning Teams

with Rod Napier

Since the 1990’s, as a country, we have become team-based in our approach to nearly everything. The motivation was the result of cutting out middle managers and creating teams. The problem is there has not been a deep and necessary commitment to training team leaders. The result is enormous dysfunctions at the heart of most management practices built on the backs of teams. We talk teams and know very little about them. Yet, all that said, we know more about team dynamics and high performing teams than ever before. Tune in to learn about the fundamentals of teams and what it takes to create high performing teams. It’s not a “how to” program. Instead, it will be about hard questions you need to ask if you have the nerve to try and create a high performing team. Despite the fact that most of us have been part of a team, few of us really know how to build a high performing team. Tune in to see what I mean. Please join me and my guest, Rod Napier, as we explore Keys to Building A High-Functioning Teams. Listen now!

Rod Napier, wrote the book on management best practices. His one dozen books and forty years of experience are all about the application of skills and strategies for leaders and managers. A co-founder of the University of Pennsylvania’s graduate program in Organizational Consulting and Executive Coaching, Rod’s dynamic style of “telling it like it is” has positioned him as a much sought after leadership consigliere to top-tier executives who desire the hard truths necessary to improve their organizations — and themselves. Now with over 40 years as a professor, facilitator, and business advisor, Rod has the courage to look at the dark side of leadership in upcoming book, The Seduction of the Leader. Rod has helped executives in such widely divergent universities, industries and organizations as the University of Virginia, Exxon, Merck, CBS, the Army Corp of Engineers, and Outward Bound to identify blind spots that keep them from surging. For more information, visit The Napier Group.

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