Quantum Leadership: How to Lead in a Fast-Paced, High-Tech, Global Economy 2

The corporate world is in a state of transformation. Executives are scrambling to regain investor confidence. Employees are searching for meaning in an increasingly dangerous world. And the planet’s ecosystem is becoming more and more dependent on its corporate stewards for survival. As a result, new principles are taking root in the boardroom, the cubicle and the factory. This presentation offers a view of the ‘holistic’ corporation as an integrative, self-organizing system that constitutes a whole far greater than the sum of its parts. Several factors are responsible for this paradigm shift:

  • As tasks become more specialized and complex, leaders are managing their employees with inspiration and reward rather than control and fear
  • Linear processes are being robotized and automated, making way for non-linear, intuitive solutions to define the competitive advantage.
  • Win/win solutions are emerging through relationship building as coworkers, business partners and the global community strive for harmony and balance.

This presentation will discuss concepts and provide insights into some basic skills that are essential for success in a high-tech, data-driven industry that is quickly going digital, virtual and global.

Communication is an essential skill in the complex world of business intelligence. As we turn to high tech solutions for our database marketing challenges, our employees require highly specialized and varied skill sets. In many organizations, each group speaks a “different language.” Yet their ability to effectively communicate is critical to our business success.

Collaboration is critical to leveraging highly specialized skill sets among various groups or entities. At every level of an organization, it is no longer possible to do it all. Mergers and acquisitions are creating additional challenges. For collaboration to succeed, leaders must have the ability to build an environment of trust while encouraging competition.

Innovation is quickly becoming the new competitive advantage. Business intelligence solutions are linear processes that can be automated or outsourced. Increasingly, these processes are becoming available to our competitors. We must become proficient at ‘whole brain’ thinking to creatively utilize these tools and insure continued innovation.

Adaptability leads to resilience. To leverage opportunities that are on the horizon, we must thrive on uncertainty, inspire our employees, trust our instincts and become intelligent risk takers. The rewards await those leaders who set clear goals, move forward with courage and trust the process.

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