The Real Wealth of Nations

with Riane Eisler

To avoid economic disaster, eminent social scientist and bestselling author, Riane Eisler, points the way to a sustainable and equitable economy that values our greatest economic assets: people and our natural environment. The great problems of our time – poverty, inequality, war, terrorism, and environmental degradation – are due largely to flawed economic systems that set the wrong priorities and misallocate resources. Conventional economic models fail to value and support the most essential human work: caring and caregiving. So basic human needs are increasingly neglected, despair and ecological destruction escalate, and the resulting social tensions fuel many of the conflicts we face today. Eisler offers a bold reformation: a caring economics that transcends traditional categories like capitalist and socialist and offers enormous economic and social benefits. Please join me and my guest, Dr. Riane Eisler as we explore “The Real Wealth of Nations: Creating a Caring Economy.” Listen now!

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