LS101: Whole-Brain Thinking: Keys to Innovation & Creative Problem Solving

Have you ever struggled with a problem only to have the solution pop into your head while you’re jogging or in the shower? This is a perfect example of whole brain thinking. Why is it so critical today? We are facing new challenges on a global scale that include economic competition, armed conflict and environmental destruction. As these issues grow, we are challenged to find innovative solutions. By learning to engage our whole brain, we can access our innate personal and group wisdom that lead us to getting powerful solutions in a whole new way.
Presented as a blend of lecture, interactive learning and group process, the workshop is presented in three parts:

Why whole-brain thinking is a critical skill for today’s world- History and effects of creative thinking on culture, business and the world

Challenges and opportunities for tomorrow

How the brain works

Quadrants of the brain

The process of unlearning and rewiring

Actions for accessing the whole brain

Break the rules and increase your error rate.

Multiple exercises for creative problem solving.

Designing our environment to support whole-brain thinking


Who Should Attend

Duration: 1 day
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