LS401: Co-creating Evolving Organizations

Leveraging Alignment as a Catalyst for Success

Advances in technology combined with increased competition from a global economy have resulted in a dynamic environment in which organizations must continually adapt to survive. Given the interactive connectedness of all parts of an organization, success in this complex and dynamic environment requires the alignment of the people, processes, structures and culture.

Complexity Science is an emerging theory that provides a comprehensive and integrated model for how complex systems adapt to uncertain environments. Defining an organization in terms of Complexity Science provides a new language along with interactive techniques for creating, implementing and sustaining the alignment of structures, process, people and technology. It is a culture of self-organizing that is necessary to promote not only the survival of the organization, but its ability to thrive. In essence, it becomes a Complex Adaptive System.

An organization that functions as a Complex Adaptive System offers numerous benefits:

A culture that minimizes turnover, absences, apathy and stress.

Processes that improve quality while reducing errors and delays.

Leaders who become ‘change agents’ for continuous adaptation and renewal.

This workshop introduces the concepts of Chaos Theory and Complexity Science as tools for continuously co-creating an adaptable organization. This comprehensive approach has four key metrics: Clarity, Connection, Compassion, and Credibility. By overlaying Complex Adaptive System dynamics, additional insights are discovered within each metric that will assist any organization in determining the next best action to facilitate movement towards a more self-organizing posture. Learning to ask vital questions evokes new perspectives and uncovers the innate wisdom that is inherent within the organization.

A practical, working understanding of the principles of Complexity Science is a key indicator of visionary leadership in the 21st century. To lay the foundation for functioning as a Complex Adaptive System, the workshop will focus on:

Guiding each participant’s awareness to identify what questions to ask.

Identifying leverage points and their underlying elements.

Applying the foundational principles for co-creating a Complex Adaptive System.

At the conclusion of the 3-hour workshop, each participant will have experienced being part of a self organizing system. Through their understanding of the 4C’s and application of re-alignment techniques, they will evolve from chaos into a Complex Adaptive System.



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Duration: 1 day

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