LS402: Group Leadership Intensive: Leadership Skills for Dynamic Organizations

The Group Leadership Intensive (GLI) is designed to support leaders who are interested in learning how to effectively lead a highly dynamic group or organization. The 5-day workshop allows participants to experience developing strategies and creating interventions that further their goals by freeing the intelligence and energy of the group. Participants have the opportunity to practice dealing with many varieties of issues that may surface in a group context. Becoming a creative and effective group leader takes practice, keen observation and a willingness to look at your own behavior as youattempt to move the group forward.
The power of GLI is the focus on design and the immersion into the experience along with a serious look at the impact of each participant as a leader/facilitator. For these reasons, the Group Leadership Intensive is not for the faint of heart. Instead, it is for those who wish to examine their current impact as a leader, and practice a new set of skills and a new way of leading. Our guarantee: You will never see groups in the same way again.


Who Should Attend

Duration: 1 day
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