LS403: Business Intelligence Success

Key Skills Needed to Succeed in the Complex, Continuously Changing World of Business Intelligence (AKA BI401)

Data mining and business intelligence offer incredible opportunities for companies to improve their bottom lines. However, increased complexity and the continual introduction of new technologies as well as shifting markets and consumer demands require companies to master a broad set of skills. Skilled management has never been more important. Studies show that roughly 70% of business intelligence projects fail due to poor leadership. This presentation will discuss concepts and provide insights into some very basic skills that are necessary for effective leadership in a high-tech, data-driven industry. A few of the topics are described below.

Communication is an essential skill in the complex world of business intelligence. As you turn to high tech solutions for your database marketing challenges, your employees require highly specialized and varied skill sets. In many organizations, each group speaks a “different language.” Yet their ability to effectively communicate is critical to your business success.

Non-linear thinking is quickly becoming vital for maintaining a competitive advantage. Business intelligence solutions are linear processes that can be automated. It’s just a matter of time before these processes are available to your competitors. You must become proficient at ‘whole brain’ thinking to creatively leverage these linear tools and insure continued innovation.

Managing change requires vision and leadership. To leverage opportunities that are on the horizon, you must thrive on uncertainty, inspire your employees, trust you instincts and become an intelligent risk taker. The rewards await those leaders who set clear goals, move forward with integrity and trust the process


Who Should Attend

Duration: 1 day
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