Predictive Analytics Training

Course Listing

BI101: Introduction to Statistics

This course is designed to introduce basic statistical concepts that are commonly used in business. Using standard business examples, the concepts are clearly explained in non-technical language.

BI201: 7 Steps to Effective Predictive Modeling

This course is designed to teach statisticians, analysts and modelers the basics of predictive modeling in a data-rich, fast-paced business environment.

BI301: Predictive Modeling Demystified – An Overview for Managers & Marketers

This course offers a non-technical tour of descriptive and predictive modeling methods including segmentation, clustering, linear and logistic regression, neural networks, genetic algorithms, classification trees (often referred to as decision trees).

BI401: Business Intelligence Success Factors: An Overview of Key Skills Needed to Succeed in the Complex, Continuously Changing World of Business Intelligence

This presentation will discuss concepts and provide insights into some very basic skills that are necessary for effective leadership in a high-tech, data-driven industry.

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